The Inspired Teachers Conference was launched by QualityLife Company in March 2012 in a drive to share leadership lessons and inspiration with our teaching community. We were overwhelmed with the response we received from teachers around the country. 300 teachers attended and many more were turned away because the room was filled to capacity.

We believe that sharing stories of excellence have the potential to raise standards of teaching across the board.

As Professor Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State shared in his keynote address to us, it’s not always the best facilities that result in excellence. He outlined the attitude and commitment that sometimes explain “why poor schools do well.”

It’s for this reason that – even though we’re committed to showcasing technology and case studies around the classroom of the future – we don’t believe that technology alone is a panacea. The intention of this conversation is to ignite passion and celebrate excellence in teaching.

Professor Jonathan Jansen launched this initiative in 2012.

Inspired Teachers

Conference to connect teacher's who light up the classroom presented by Quality Life Company. 'Shaping leaders, igniting passion, changing lives'